Players for Pleasure

playing opportunities for adult amateur musicians

MUSIC CLUB - Next Meeting

The Players for Pleasure Music Club takes place on an occasional basis in Headingley, Leeds (see Venue - Leeds for details).  It normally takes place on a Saturday afternoon and is very informal, typically lasting for just a couple of hours.  Students of all levels and instruments, and all ages over 18 are invited.  Teenage children of adult participants may also be able to attend, but priority will be given to adults so please check first.

FEBRUARY 2019 - date to be confirmed

If you have any questions, please contact the organiser via the contact form in the first instance.

The Players for Pleasure Music Club aims to support adult amateur musicians who would like to gain experience and confidence at playing solo pieces in front of others.  If you are worried about making nervous mistakes, and - most importantly - are willing to be supportive to those who do, then the Players for Pleasure Music Club is definitely for you!

The group is normally quite small (around 8-10 participants) and is an ideal way to start sharing your music with other adult students.  Playing for others is hugely enjoyable once you get used to it, so do come and give it a try!

There is a participation fee of £4.00.  Places are limited and need to be booked in advance as they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis, so please contact the organiser in the first instance for details and to register a place.

Cellist at a get-together of the Players for Pleasure music group, Leeds Member of Players for Pleasure, Leeds, playing the guzheng

Look forward to meeting you!

Pianist at the Players for Pleasure music group, Leeds